Using his 20 years of subjective experience in the fields of health and personal devolvement, Luke will guide you through his proven system of revolutionary mental, physical, and emotional transformation. You will take an immersive, deep dive into his nature-based approach to personal optimization. You will gain a very clear and straightforward understanding of the sometimes complicated issues regarding meditation & mindset, diet, smart drugs (nootropics), drinking water, EMF’s, alternative healing technologies, as well as vitamin & herbal supplementation. 

Through an application of this knowledge, you and Luke will map out a blueprint for creating a healthy living environment inside your home as well as a realistic, practical approach to spirituality that you will carry with you into your relationships, career, and future.   

Coaching sessions are done remotely, via Skype. To request a private in-person session in the Los Angeles area, please email info[at] 

All sessions include

Follow up summary document featuring links and recommendations
Audio or video file of the entire session

Skype or Live Coaching Sessions

Initial 60 minute session: $247
Follow up 60 minute sessions: $197