Dave Asprey: Becoming Bulletproof - The Life Stylist Podcast EP#26

Have you tried Bulletproof Coffee? If you have chances are better than even that once you tried it, you quickly converted and have since been reaping the benefits of boundless energy and focus. 

Perhaps you’ve heard of it, but the idea of putting butter in your coffee sounds gross, or even dangerous. Or maybe you still think eating fat makes you fat, coffee is not good for you, and cholesterol is a deadly poison, which must be avoided at all costs? There is also, of course, the remote possibility that you’ve been living under a rock somewhere in a remote corner of the planet, and have no idea whatsoever what Bulletproof Coffee even is. Keep reading my friend. Keep reading. 

In today’s interview with the world’s #1 biohacker and Bulletproof Coffee creator Dave Asprey we not only disprove these dietary myths but also highlight the fact that Bulletproof is not just a coffee, it’s a lifestyle. It’s about using food, high-grade supplementation, and cutting-edge technology to take control of your biology so that you can bring your absolute best self to the game of life every day. 

I have personally benefited so much as a result of Dave’s Bulletproof mission and lifestyle recommendations, that it brings me great pleasure and satisfaction to share many of his most recent and powerful discoveries with you.

So put your seatbelt on as we take a trip down the rabbit hole that is Dave Asprey’s mind. 

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