Dr. Jack Kruse: Surviving the City with Spiritual Science Episode, The Life Stylist Podcast Ep#3

In this episode, Dr. Jack Kruse and I discuss ways to biohack modern city life by merging the worlds of science and spiritual intuition.

The world we live in is not a friendly environment when it comes to our food, water, air, shelter, and modes of travel. So many of the health challenges we face are purely environmental, and this episode offers a host of solutions to these very problems. How can we harness the power of Mother Nature, while still enjoying the conveniences we’ve become so accustomed to? That's the answer I wanted, and that what I got.

Some of Jack’s theories on health and wellness can be challenging for the average civilian to understand, and put into practice. My goal in this interview was to translate his brain surgeon jargon into everyday dude-speak so that you the listener would be able to derive some real value from it, and take away some practical lifestyle hacks to add to your routine.

Mission accomplished.

Tighten your seat belt and enjoy going deep in the mind of Dr. Jack Kruse.