Evan Brand: The Zen of Stress, The Life Stylist Podcast Ep#4

What are the hidden causes of stress and anxiety, and what can we do about them naturally? That's what we find out in this episode with Evan Brand, host of the super-popular Not Just Paleo Podcast. He’s got over 2 million downloads on his show, and with good reason. (About 50 of them were downloaded by yours truly) Evan is one of the most relatable health experts on the scene, and his simple, common sense approach to health is so refreshing and easy to apply.

Do you get moody or depressed for no logical reason? Do you spend money on vitamins and supplements without ever having your labs done to see what your body actually needs? Did you know that simple changes to your diet and lifestyle could permanently cure many mental and emotional issues? It turns out your gut biome has a lot more to do with your mood than most people think. Hidden toxins and heavy metals can also reek havoc on your vibes, but it’s usually a waste of time (and cash) to play the guessing game trying figure out how to correct deficiencies and effectively detox. This is where Evan comes in.

During the show, he breaks us off some very practical solutions to some quite complex human issues. I suffered from severe depression and mood disorders myself for many years (and solved them using many of the natural solutions offered in this interview), so this show is one that really hit home for me.

It’s my hope that it does the same for you.

Please pass it along to someone you love.