Rich Roll: Surrender To Win - The Rise Of A Peaceful Warrior, The Life Stylist Podcast EP#23

How can you transform misery and failure into success and inspiration? In this episode with our guest Rich Roll, we find out exactly what he did to rise from the ashes of alcoholism and ill health, to become one of the most positive and influential leaders in the health and wellness industry. 

If you or someone you know has struggled with addiction and lived to tell the tale, you have most likely learned that there are many more levels of sobriety to attain once the actual substance abuse has been overcome. Most of us who have been so afflicted find that the underlying emotional causes and conditions of our problem become much more apparent once physical sobriety has been achieved. Rich shares with us some of the many tools he’s used to maximize his spiritual growth and personal development, and some of the other obstacles he’s had to face along the road to recovery. 

This was one of the most meaningful interviews for me personally, not only because Rich and I have so much in common regarding our personal struggles with addiction, but also due to the level of depth, authenticity, and vulnerability to which he was willing to go to for the benefit of our listeners. 

If you know someone who is struggling in life right now, and could use some hope and inspiration, this would be a great episode to share with them. I know it’s been good for me.

Thanks for listening, and helping me to continue on my journey of recovery and self-discovery.