Sage Dammers: High on Chocolate, The Ultimate Superfood #42

Do you like chocolate? You might not be human if the answer is ‘no.' But perhaps you avoid it because you consider it a ‘candy’ and therefore not good for you. What if legit, high-quality chocolate could be a central part of a truly healthy diet? It turns out that it's not chocolate itself that commonly turns  this tasty treat into a junk food, but rather the process by which it is usually commercially grown and manufactured, as well as the inferior ingredients used to create most chocolate products on the market. 

This week’s show guest is Sage Dammers, one of the world’s foremost creators of high-quality chocolate products. We not only discuss the incredible health benefits of this delicious superherb, and how he developed an excruciatingly stringent method of production, but also the power of the Three Treasures herbal system, and why he chose to infuse his chocolate products with the most potent Chinese herbs. 

In addition to enlightening our listeners to the inside scoop of the amazing health benefits of chocolate and the industry production practices around it, Sage also provides tons of practical tips for designing a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. From practicing meditation, The Wim Hof Method, infrared saunas, to surfing, this episode delivers an immense amount of insights and inspiration. 

If you know a chocolate junkie, do them a favor and send this show to them right now. The world needs to learn to enjoy the glorious, yet simple pleasure of chocolate without guilt, or the hidden detriment to personal health. 

Topics Discussed: 

  • Intro to high-quality chocolate
  • Neurofeedback and how it uptrains and downtrains different parts of the brain
  • Potency of ingredients and labeling scams 
  • Sage's formative years around the spiritual scene, his living room as an ashram, guru stories and keeping it real 
  • Wellness center, lifestyle, diet, healing modalities
  • Infrared sauna facts & health benefits 
  • Addictive Wellness: the birth of high-quality, sugar-free chocolate 
  • Chocolate as a great delivery system, highest source of antioxidant & highest natural source of minerals
  • From fruit to powder: the process, fermentation & bacteria mix
  • Mycotoxis: mold is not the problem, it's their poop! 
  • Prebiotic vs. probiotics, gut health & compromised immune systems
  • The different types of cacao plant hybrids & heirlooms
  • Three Treasures herbal system: understanding the 3 energies 
  • Depletion of Jing and how to restore it
  • Herbs and tonics for building up Shen & Qi energies 
  • Wim Hof Method, breathing and ice baths
  • Genome testing and DNA markers
  • Surfing as the ultimate lifestyle and metaphor to living
  • Lifestyle recommendations

To your taste buds,


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