Breaking The Chains Of Human Domestication With Daniel Vitalis, Part 1 & 2, EP #52 & #53

Are you a powerful, vibrant, wild human? Or have you been systematically domesticated in the same way the mighty wolf has been reduced to the fragile and helpless Chihuahua?

Most of us are blissfully unaware that before the agricultural revolution that took place roughly 10,000 years ago, humankind lived in harmony with the earth, and as a result experienced life as a much happier, and healthier species. 

In this episode, our guest Daniel Vitalis takes us on a journey back in time to discover how we have been led astray by the false hope of the benefits of 'modern life.' You will be shocked to find the many ways in which our current lifestyle is indeed inferior to the lives of most hunter/gatherer people of the past, and even as compared so the small indigenous population currently in existence. 

Our domestication was perpetuated on purpose and has shaped our current health, bodies, spirituality, and even our sex.

Daniel not only exposes this alternative version of human history but also offers some very practical tips on how to 'rewild ourselves' and to reclaim our health- and even our personal sovereignty. 

If you value your right to live a free, natural human being, please share this show with a like-minded friend or loved one. The world could use some more awakened people.

Episode breakdown:

  • The problem with PC culture and today’s lack of free speech: dealing with internet trolls and audience criticism
  • How to defend yourself against dogmatic diet extremist 
  • Going through the difference of the health and wellness scene: how Daniel went from raw vegan to eating a predominantly wild food diet 
  • The importance of keeping an open mind and remaining teachable on all subjects
  • How Daniel got his start in the business and one of the world’s most popular personalities in health and personal development 
  • What is human domestication, and how it affected humans negatively 
  • The truth about our current quality of life vs that of ancient indigenous peoples 
  • How natural humans of the past did not suffer from chronic diseases and mental disorders that we suffer from now
  • How a modern culture tends to traumatize us as children 
  • The negative effects of domestication on the human body: high heels and neck ties
  • Trauma involved in male circumcision 
  • Female genital mutilation  
  • How hospitals and doctors profit from child birth practices that have a negative impact on newborns
  • Lifestyle recommendations