Cap Beauty: Cracking The Clean Living Code, EP #72 & #73

In this double episode, we have an all-encompassing chat with CAP Beauty founders Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima. 

Their story is an inspiring tale of two NYC fashion, and style professionals turned health and wellness entrepreneurs. 

Through their love for design, New York City living, and all things natural beauty, they have created a quickly growing lifestyle brand that touches all aspects of urban habitation, from organic cosmetic and personal care products to spiritual practices, and building a clean & green home environment. 

This show will not only inspire you to create the lifestyle your mind, body, and soul crave but also leave you with a wealth of practical tactics for creating a healthy, pristine life- whether in a city or the country.

Pass this episode on to a friend who could use a lifestyle upgrade, and some fresh inspiration.

To building your ultimate lifestyle,


  • They discuss their backgrounds in styling and fashion before moving into natural beauty, and how they made that transition
  • How they started CAP Beauty the brand, and the New York city spa & boutique 
  • Some of the favorite supplements they sell 
  • How celiacs disease almost ruined Kerrilynn’s life and how she healed it with lifestyle changes 
  • Why to avoid toxins in personal care and beauty products, and how toxins ruin your skins microbiome  
  • The risks of nail polish, lipstick, and hair dye. Turns out toxic hair dye never leaves your lymph system!
  • What are some of their favorite organic skincare products
  • What is the best healthy deodorant? there is a little known secret deodorant made of bacteria 
  • The benefits of Kundalini yoga, Kabbalah, and Transcendental meditation, and how they used those practices to fuel their business success
  • Other cool lifestyle practices like float tanks, sounds baths, etc
  • How to live a healthy, balanced life in NYC, and how to create the ultimate zen home 
  • The differences between living in NY vs. LA, in terms of maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Why labeling ourselves by our dietary choices is self-limiting, and the importance of listening to your body and following your intuition
  • How sometimes it's appropriate for your kids to take mini fasts and stop eating
  • Lifestyle recommendations