Dr. Jack Kruse: The Toxic Lighting Crisis And How To Fix It, Part One & Part Two

What if I told you that your diet and exercise habits are not the most important factors in determining your health, and longevity? Sounds crazy right? Well, according to much of the latest scientific research, it's not. It turns out that the lighting that most of us spend the vast majority of our lives in is 'junk light.' And it might just be worse for your health than junk food. 

So how do you know if the lighting in your home and work environment toxic? Unless you've gone to great lengths to optimize all of the light that you're exposed to your daily life, it's a given that your brain, eyes, and even sleep are being adversely affected. 

As much as we all love and depend on artificial lighting to allow us to operate after dark, the fact is that we humans have evolved to thrive in three types of light: sun, moon, and fire. The LED and fluorescent lighting that illuminates our phones, computers, televisions, homes, cars, streets, and places of work is not natural and is extremely detrimental to our well-being on many levels. 

Our guest Dr. Jack Kruse takes us on a fascinating journey into the heart of this current crisis in great detail.  You will be shocked to learn of the multitudes of health issues and diseases directly linked not only to our exposure to 'non-native' lighting but also to the dangerous electromagnetic frequencies (EMF's) that unfortunately blanket the entire planet. 

In the tradition of The Life Stylist Podcast, Jack delivers not only the bad news but also a host of straightforward, practical tips on how to still enjoy the modern conveniences of artificial lighting, and electronics, while mitigating some of the serious risks involved. 

If you know someone who depends on and enjoys their technology, but also strives to maintain optimum health, this is the show to share with them.

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May the longtime sun shine upon you,


  • What is the most dangerous lighting we use in our homes, and the best way to fix it
  • Why is blocking blue light so crucial to our health?
  • Do blue blocking glasses ruin your vision because of eye strain?
  • The link between junk lighting, low dopamine levels and all addictions
  • Direct sunlight is good for us. How do fair skinned people sun safely?
  • What is grounding or ‘earthing’ and why is it good for us? Does the ground have to be wet?
  • The dangers of using laptops, and why Steve Jobs didn't let his own kids use Apple products 
  • Is grounding tech and devices valid?
  • Why is living in high rises bad for us?
  • How to protect yourself from harmful EMF radiation
  • Why are ice baths good for you?
  • What’s better: ice baths or cryotherapy?
  • The benefits of infrared saunas, and the best and worst times to use them
  • What are the top 3 healthiest foods we can eat?
  • Are heavy metals in fish as big of a deal as people make them out to be?
  • Is Fukushima radiation a real issue in West Coast seafood?
  • Lifestyle recommendations