Evan Brand: The Biohackers Bible, Part One (EP#81) & Part Two (EP#82)

In this epic, double episode our guest Evan Brand takes us on a journey into the fascinating, and life-enhancing world of biohacking, based on his many years of experience as a functional medicine practitioner, and popular podcast host. 

From superfoods to super herbs, nootropics, smart drugs, home lighting and EMF hacking, we learn dozens of tried and true principles and practices for optimizing our health and homes.

Evan teaches us why testing is always better than guessing when it comes to self-diagnosing and treating physical ailments and disease. Whether you're dealing with low energy, acne, being overweight, lack of focus and energy, or even persistent emotional issues, this episode is chalk-full of powerful insights and recommendations that will allow you to take control of your health, your body, and longevity.

We also learn about some of the most dangerous supplements, and how to avoid possibly dangerous interactions and overdosing. 

If you're into biohacking and living a high-performance lifestyle, this is an episode you don't want to miss. 

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To your health,


  • How to hack the toxic light in your computer and home, and some action steps to protect yourself and your loved ones 
  • How species are becoming endangered due to artificial lighting
  • When your partner isn’t along with your biohacking lifestyle - how to find balance 
  • The influence of light on adrenal health
  • The truth about blue blocking glasses
  • The importance of not being too neurotic and controlling with your health regiments, and eliminating fear, guilt and stress around it
  • How repressed negative emotions are worse for you than junk food 
  • Heal emotional trauma through Myofascial release
  • A deep dive into Nootropics and smart drugs
  • Phenibut explained, how and when to use it
  • The risks of overdosing on medicinal herbs
  • What is Ashwagandha and how to dose it
  • Other medicinal herbs and which formulas are safe  
  • What are Racetams and how they affect energy, clarity and focus
  • Importance of dosing, continued 
  • Is coffee really good for you? Watch out for toxic glyphosate
  • What are ketones, and how does a Ketogenic diet work? 
  • Understanding the role that thyroid and hormones play on weight loss: discussing reverse T-3 and thyroid testing
  • Gut health and candida issues: it's not as straight-forward as taking probiotics
  • Gluten, leaky gut and some basic protocols
  • Why should fecal transplants be last resort, and how your brain chemistry & personality takes the traits of the donor
  • Which is the best test for heavy metals: hair, urine or blood? And a few rapid fire tips on detoxing
  • Lifestyle recommendations