Confessions Of The World’s Top Superfood Hunter With Darin Olien #168


  • How Darin’s body called him to use plants as medicine

  • The injury that changed the course of Darin’s life

  • What’s wrong with the commercial wellness industry

  • Why all superfoods and supplements available in stores are not created equal

  • Discovering and resurrecting the use of ancient superfoods

  • Helping people and areas around the world become more sustainable through environmental activism

  • Darin’s most exciting ethnobotanist adventures in places like Bhutan, Brazil, and Peru

  • Why moringa is one of the most powerful, all-inclusive plants on the planet and why most moringa on the planet is whack

  • How creating a sustainable economic engine can help provide higher quality superfoods and support indigenous people

  • The downside of regulatory certifications

  • Creating more transparency in the supply chain of our food supply

  • The scariest thing that has happened on Darin’s superfood hunting excursions

  • The philosophical realizations Darin has been gifted by the people he has met in his travels

  • How Darin is bringing the unique magic of Barukas to the West

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