The Biohacking Superpowers Of Red Light Therapy With Joovv #169

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • How humans have used the sun and red light to recover and heal for thousands of years

  • How the specific wavelengths of light used in red light therapy mimic the sun

  • You are essentially a giant solar panel that turns light into energy

  • Combining red light therapy with Osteostrong bone density training

  • Designing a device that works without emitting harmful EMFs

  • The new features and benefits you will find in the second generation of Joovv devices

  • How Justin’s wife (and co-founder) inspired the invention of Joovv

  • The difference between an infrared sauna and red light therapy

  • How Joovv helps people suffering from joint pain and inflammation

  • The relationship between light and deuterium depletion

  • How light affects our mood

  • What you need to know about the science of measuring light

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