Soul Power Spirituality Luke Live At OsteoStrong (Bootleg Broadcast Birthday Show) #170

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • How Luke discovered his passion for health & his soul’s mission

  • The many benefits (and names) of “box breathing” + a live breathing exercise

  • Learning to be unapologetic about your relationship with God, or the ineffable force greater than us that many of us refer to as God

  • Recontextualizing and reframing every experience in your life as love

  • How you can get in greater alignment with universal truth

  • Luke’s personal meditation practice

  • What you can do to master your mind

  • Why surrender is the most powerful principle in Luke’s life

  • The value of sunning safely, sunning often, and getting the sun on as much of your naked body as possible

  • Why I love spring water and how you can better filter the water in your home

  • The many, many dangers of artificial light

  • How you can turn your bed into a Faraday cage to protect yourself from EMFs in your sleep

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