Onnit With John Wolf: The Future Of Fitness #167


  • Belcampo, the best place in LA for good, clean farm-to-table food

  • Starting martial arts at just four years old & how that helped shape John into the man he is today

  • The dark period of John’s life: when he started doing meth and how he found himself on the side of a freeway

  • How John got into the fitness world

  • The open company culture of Onnit & their cosmonaut experiences

  • How an alternative fitness system changes you, physiologically and emotionally

  • How the functional fitness movement allows you to train hard, but also safely

  • Creating a framework of early and frequent success, with limitations on how frequent failure occurs relative to an individual’s resiliency towards failure.

  • The natural movements that every human being should be able to use as an adult, but that many of us lose due to our sedentary lifestyle (and how you can regain movement)

  • What you can do to proactively integrate body support and recovery into your active lifestyle

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