Wellness For Humanity: The Non-Profit Angels Of Lyme Disease Arthur Franklin And Jacqui Neulinger #174

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • How Arthur Franklin and Jacqui Neulinger got into the health and wellness scene (by way of skateboarding and family trauma)

  • How Jacqui’s fifteen years of biohacking experience prepared her to help the Wellness for Humanity Foundation

  • All tools don’t work equally for all people... but the AmpCoil sure seems to work for most people suffering from autoimmune diseases

  • The insane number of families with multiple members affected by Lyme and why that might be happening

  • Making a pact to help people with Lyme Disease

  • How the Wellness for Humanity Foundation operates today

  • Aaron Bigelow and AmpCoil’s contributions to the foundation

  • Why the foundation is collecting data from the families they provide AmpCoils to and how this is helping everyone learn more about the effects of PEMF devices

  • Working with a team of medical doctors and naturopathic MDs to conduct more clinical studies

  • The foundation’s efforts to help veterans

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