Bees: Nature’s Little Lifesavers with Carly Stein #175

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • How propolis saved Carly in Italy

  • How to care for your immune system even if you’re allergic to antibiotics

  • Europe’s incredibly progressive medical methods

  • People-pleasing Canadians

  • The spellbinding, meditative effects of beekeeping

  • Carly’s happiness spreadsheet

  • Our choices define us (not our capabilities)

  • How the pay-it-forward principle can build your business

  • Queen Cleopatra’s bee-filled beauty routine

  • Propolis: Defender Of The City

  • Why we eat bee puke

  • Honey: the only product on the planet that never goes bad

  • Go full beast mode during your workout with bee pollen

  • Bee pollen: more protein per weight than any animal source

  • The darker the honey, the higher the antioxidant content

  • Why the “organic” label for honey is bullshit

  • How to maintain your keto status and still utilize the power of bee products

  • Honey: the carbs

  • Pollen: the protein

  • Propolis: the medicine

  • Royal Jelly: the superfood

  • Avoiding trash honey

  • Bee sting therapy

  • Wasps and yellow jackets: bees’ jerk cousins

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