Next Level Biohacking and Beyond With Dr. Darshan Shah #176

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Why this Western-trained MD chose to start incorporating alternative medicine in his practice

  • How the dysfunctional “disease care” industry led to the creation of Next|Health

  • The most cutting-edge biohacks that Dr. Shah is doing & that you have to try

  • How lobbyists started so many American “health” trends

  • Why educating yourself is your responsibility & your first line of defense against the malicious misinformation coming from official sources

  • The terrifying lack of education that traditional doctors receive when it comes to nutrition

  • How artificial intelligence is changing the way we learn about health

  • The 3 technologies that are revolutionizing the anti-aging process

  • What you need to know about the different types and effects of cryotherapy

  • The relationship between mitochondria and addiction

  • Does taking vitamins or mineral IVs ruin your body’s own production?

  • What are the negative impacts of EMFs?

  • Why you might want stem cell therapy

  • The most important biomarker testings you can do to assess and take control of your health: telomeres, genetic testing, heavy metals, thyroid testing, and beyond.

  • How allergies and food sensitivities happen and how you can test yours

  • Where your hormone levels should be & what you can do if they’re off

  • Is there any risk to vanity / beauty treatments like botox?

  • Are there any legitimately effective treatments for hair loss?

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