Kabbalah: Finding Freedom From Fear with Monica Berg #179

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Why bad things happen to good people

  • How Monica’s son Joshua’s Down Syndrome diagnosis made Monica a better, more empathetic person

  • How you can release unnecessary shame tied to the idea of “sin”

  • How to joyfully connect with loved ones experiencing Alzheimer's

  • The goal of life: to leave the world completely different than how you arrived

  • What you have to gain – or lose – from the three types of fear

  • The benefits of contemplating the temporary nature of your current meatsuit

  • How to mute your fear of death by focusing on living your best, most compassionate life

  • The big choice: either letting your ego lead or letting your soul lead

  • How to shift your perspective and look for the gift in everything

  • The relationship between the material world (the 1% reality) vs. the nonmaterial world (the 99% reality)

  • The ultimate currency: the desire to receive for the sake of sharing

  • How to claim your power to earn all of the joy and fulfillment you are seeking

  • We are all either growing forward or growing backwards; it’s up to us

  • The five Kabbalistic levels of the soul

  • Our responsibility to reveal our best selves

  • It’s not about what happens; it’s about what you do with what happens

  • Religious hypocrisy

  • The Zohar: a key to decode ancient Jewish and Christian texts

  • How to utilize Kabbalistic astrology to become a better parent and partner

  • What’s at the core of every fear

  • Living on purpose

  • The difference between fear and anxiety

  • Monica’s seven steps to completely and utterly conquering your fear

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