The High Love Experience: Luke Live At RA MA NYC #182 (Bootleg Broadcast)

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

How to identify and dissolve your blockages

  • Surviving and navigating profound loss of a loved one

  • How to feel love for (and see yourself in) every single person you see

  • Entry-level love

  • Would you rather experience love or be right?

  • How Luke dealt with his latest social media troll

  • A game of hot potato pain

  • Block ’n’ bless - on Instagram, and in life

  • Going through the feeling (not avoiding) is the fastest way to get through the feeling

  • Painting with poop-colored paint: our addiction to finding fault in (and arguing with) the present reality

  • The inevitably of suffering - and our ability to choose how much we want to suffer

  • If God is benevolent and kind, why is there so much pain here on Earth?

  • Releasing your negativity bias

  • All that’s required to wake up: admitting that you don’t know as much as you think you know

  • Why we are addicted to the comfort of our own pain

  • If you can’t find God, guess who moved?

  • When you’re experiencing grief, you must feel it fully so that you can move past it and still be of service to the folks who are still here

  • Finding solutions instead of fighting reality

  • Making space between the Mind and the Thought - and living in that gap

  • It’s not what’s happening that is making you suffer; it is YOUR OPINION about what is happening that is making you suffer.

  • The ego is clever, but not wise

  • If you don’t see God in all, you don’t see God at all. - Yogi Bhajan

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