Spiritual Wisdom From Channeled Masters with Paul Selig #183

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • The first moment Paul realized something or someone was talking through him

  • Dealing with friends and family who think he’s crazy

  • The system for realizing your divine self that Paul’s guides have revealed to us

  • Striving to be as awake as you can be

  • Paul’s physical experience of channeling

  • Claiming your true knowing

  • Why “fixing” is a small self-concept

  • How Paul’s guides react to different questions and intention

  • If there is a loving god in the universe, why is there so much evil, war, torture, and pain?

  • Do spirits evolve up through the plant and animal kingdoms before becoming human?

  • Is the influence of astrology real?

  • Why Paul’s guides won’t answer every question (and what they say instead)

  • Throughout the interview listeners get to experience a  live channeling session focusing on

  • Luke’s experiences with drug abuse, whether or not he should explore plant medicines, what’s blocking his love life, and whether he should have kids.

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