Removing the Blocks To Life & Love with The Paradox Process Ft. Thomas M. Jones #185

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • The two things that can really affect change in individuals suffering from addictions

  • How the narratives we build around the sometimes-painful feelings that all human beings experience get us into trouble

  • Some of the most common childhood experiences that set us up for unhappiness and negative patterns

  • How using “key phrases” can subconsciously trigger a meditation process, even while you’re busy doing other things

  • People think becoming spiritual will make them happy and make life easier – but real growth is not for the faint hearted

  • Why is it so scary to face your lower self, or the “ugly parts” of yourself

  • People claim to be afraid of failure – but they really fear success

  • The 3 different levels of motivation: ego, money, and contribution

  • Why working with people in pain pushed Thomas to write Love Games: The Hidden Rules of Relationship

  • How the fantasy of relationships keep us from experiencing a deeper connection with our partners

  • What it really means to “fall in love”

  • The two most common reasons that people break up

  • What you need to know about yourself and your potential partner before entering into a relationship

  • How to engage in healthy conflict with your partner (AKA the right way to have a fight)

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