Passion Meets Pleasure: The Ultimate Sex Episode With Kim Anami #186

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • How we can take the shame out of communicating about healthy sex – and do it in a classy way!

  • Why you can find pictures of Kim dangling weights from her vagina (AKA vaginal weightlifting).

  • Why are women putting jade eggs inside of their vaginas – and why are most women doing it incorrectly?

  • How to keep your vagina or cock healthy and ready for action.

  • Why women actually shouldn’t be aiming for the often-encouraged “tight” vagina.

  • The dark side of lube, for both your health and your sexual pleasure.

  • Becoming a sex gourmand, instead of a sex fast food junkie.

  • Why learning to deep throat can make you a better person (Kim likes to say, “The best way to find your voice is to have a good cock in your mouth.”)

  • Why porn is one of the worst things to happen to men’s sex lives.

  • The travesty of male circumcision and how men can heal from what was forced on them at birth.

  • How you can use sex to heal past trauma.

  • The systematic effort undertaken to scare women away from giving birth without a doctor in a hospital

  • How Kim is grossly censored on almost every major social media and content distribution platform

  • All the different types of female orgasms (if you didn’t know there were multiple kinds, take close notes on this!)

  • Everything you need to know about female ejaculation, and why absolutely no one should be embarrassed by it

  • How you can we use sex with your partner to deepen true love and intimacy

  • Men typically seem to get depleted from sex, while women get energized – so how can men avoid losing their chi?

  • The value of self-pleasuring without porn, for both men and women

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