Buddha, Karma, and The Gradual Awakening with Miles Neale #189

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Dr. Neale grew up wealthy and unhappy – but that all changed after a transformative trip to India

  • The epidemic of depression that’s faced our country and world for most of the modern age, and that keeps getting worse

  • Combining Tibetan Buddhism with traditional psychotherapy to create something new entirely

  • The critical importance of finding your mentors (for the vast majority of people)

  • How the movement towards the use of psychedelics and psychotropics fits into the rubric of spontaneous enlightenment – and why this isn’t enough for a lasting transformation

  • The idiot’s guide to Tibetan Buddhism

  • Experiencing the state of radical altruism (and what it is)

  • What you need to know about Lam Rim and the how the Dalai Lama lineage plays into it

  • The spiritually destructive impact of modern materialism, an inherently nihilistic way of living that’s causing us to devolve and waste our life

  • A comprehensive view of karma, both good and bad

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