The 5G EMF Apocalypse And Why Health Food Won't Save You With Dr. Jack Kruse #191

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Jack’s exciting new venture that’s 10 years in the making: the Kruse Longevity Center

  • Why over supplementation comes from being undereducated about light

  • How the Kruse Longevity Center was constructed to be an oasis from EMF

  • The only device that can detect 5G is over $100,000 – but that’s far from our only warning sign of dangerous EMFs

  • The National Toxicology Program’s study that proves EMF radiation is linked to cancer

  • The difference between the rollout of 5G on the West Coast vs the East Coast & Elon Musk’s role in the government’s rollout of 5G

  • The non-linear effect of 5G (and why it matters)

  • How the proof that we are on the cusp of a health epidemic caused by EMFs can be found in CMS and hospital data

  • The real purpose of social media

  • How light is being used to control your behavior, without you realizing it

  • B12: the most important photoreceptor in our bodies

  • Why you need to pay attention to what’s happening to people in space

  • Why Jack believes you shouldn’t let children use phones or other technology until they’re 25

  • How technology stole the habitat from vegans and vegetarians

  • Why Jack is actually optimistic about the future, not afraid – although there will likely have to be a public health disaster before things start to change for the better

  • The lifestyle choices you can make to improve your health and protect against dangerous light and radio frequencies

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