The War Against Boys: Ending The Torture Of Circumcision In America #192

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Why Brendon first started investigating circumcision

  • What inspired him to start making the film

  • The process of foreskin restoration that some men are undergoing today, which allows them to partially restore that part of their body + other ways men are reclaiming sensation

  • Giving people permission to talk about this deeply personal subject

  • How “red pill” moments inspire us to investigate the truth

  • How society turns men into “success objects” and diminishes anything viewed as complaining

  • The incredible bravery of standing up to your tribe

  • How circumcision deprives men of multiple orgasms and a lot of pleasure

  • Soraya Mire, the heroic female genital mutilation survivor who helped pass the Federal law against FGM in 1996 (which has since been overturned, unfortunately)

  • The medical and religious history of circumcision

  • The kind of circumcision described in the Old Testament isn’t even the same kind of circumcision performed today – and in the New Testament, it’s called an abomination

  • Circumcision began as a cure for masturbation, meant to hinder future sexual development and pleasure

  • The fake AIDS testing done to prove this surgery’s necessity

  • What the procedure is like for baby boys (spoiler: it’s horrifying)

  • The PTSD and trauma that many men likely experience due to going through this painful procedure

  • Breaking down masculinity and toxic masculinity, and the role of empathy in masculinity

  • The backlash against American Circumcision and other similar films (like The Red Pill)

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