Beast Mode: Badass Bones & Massive Muscles With John Jaquish #197

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Accidentally creating the world’s greatest strength training device

  • The long and difficult process of creating a business around a physical product

  • The traditional Western medical solutions to treating osteoporosis Vs. the OsteoStrong devices

  • How the four Spectrum devices work with the four positions in which our bodies absorb high impact forces

  • The knowledge gap between exercise science and applied exercise

  • How our environment and diet affect our bone health

  • How to feel as good as you feel on vacation, without going anywhere

  • Why training your body at OsteoStrong gives you such a strong high

  • The problem with weight training

  • How exactly the X3 works & how you use it

  • Fractureproof: the software device that will help you gamify your bone workouts

  • The 70 cities and 6 countries in which you can currently find Dr. Jaquish’s bone-strengthening devices

  • Dispelling the most dangerous myths of strength training (that a lot of us believe)

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