Quantum Creation & Epigenetics: Genes Aren't Your Destiny w/ Bruce Lipton #200

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • How Dr. Lipton ended up working on stem cells back in ‘67, when most people didn’t even know what a stem cell was

  • It’s an illusion that your body is a single entity – it’s actually a community of cells

  • Why we have stem cells

  • How our thoughts and beliefs affect the chemical makeup of our body, in turn affecting our cellular health

  • Why the most valid, tested, and verified science on the planet is quantum physics

  • How we, as a collective, share beliefs or “programs” that then influence each others’ behaviors and health

  • How you can change or get rid of the subconscious programs that you collected while growing up – the same programming that dictates 95% of your life

  • When we took the red pill (and we all did)

  • How your mind creates coherence between your belief and your reality

  • The curse of conscious knowledge (like knowing what those nearby cell towers are doing to you)

  • You are a creator – but if you create from weakness, then you’ll only manifest weakness

  • Why effort can’t overcome belief

  • What we can learn from the story of Jesus, even if we’re not Christian

  • How collectively recovering our creative power will allow us to change the world’s current chaos into a garden

  • The biology of belief & why what happened to your ancestors or in your past doesn’t dictate the future

  • There is no gene that causes cancer – however, beliefs are easily passed from parent to child

  • What you’re lacking in consciousness you can reinforce through support

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