Heal Thyself! Don't Let Your Trauma Become Your Drama With Mastin Kipp #201

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Why Mastin got rid of his successful blog and email list of over half a million people

  • The misdiagnosis of emotional trauma and mental health

  • Changing and being compassionate about who you are

  • What prompted Mastin to move from L.A. to Asheville, NC

  • The transformation from the music industry to functional life coaching

  • Biohacking, compounds, and accepting help

  • Self-medication from trauma and the severity of trauma

  • Letting go of the identities that are placed on us

  • Reframing words that we’ve used because they are born out of purpose

  • Pre-conscious triggering and facing triggers

  • Self-regulating and unpacking traumas and triggers

  • The values that need to die

  • There are many different parts of you – but they can only speak one at a time

  • Trauma denial and forced immobilization

  • Why facing trauma and understanding it is a progressive process

  • Mastin’s 40-day program and how it helps undo trauma to reach recovery

  • Kundalini yoga and all that it provides for transformation

  • Equalizing traumas and the competitive mindset surrounding it

  • Mastin’s process for working with people

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