How To Avoid Another S***ty Relationship (Or Fix The One You're In) #204

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • What’s been going on since we last spoke to Michele in episodes 79 and 80

  • Getting in bed with Michele Paradise

  • The dilemma with technology and real communication

  • The shadow side of our parents being role models for partnerships

  • Hypnotic loops with and without purpose

  • Waking up and forcing ourselves to think

  • How opening up your heart with Kundalini Yoga can help you create new patterns

  • Conscious coupling

  • How to find your voice in intimacy and relationships

  • Overcoming the sexual shame that men and women experience

  • Accenting words in normal conversations and covert hypnosis

  • Asking for what you want – what you REALLY want

  • Sex being in the mind not the body

  • The value of opening yourself up to explore sexually with your partner

  • Working through trauma loops and triggers, from past experiences, in new relationships

  • Havening and role-Havening

  • The difference between EMDR and Havening

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