Ancient Taoist Superpowers For The Modern Age With Dr. Barry Morguelan #207

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Why Dr. B wanted to look outside of Western medicine to expand his medical practice

  • Why Dr. B was skeptical when he first witnessed the 5,000-year-old Chinese Source Energy discipline being practiced – and what ultimately convinced him that it wasn’t a scam or the placebo effect

  • How Dr. B got his invite into this elite and secluded group of Chinese healers

  • There’s always a source for everything

  • The unknown isn’t mystical or magic; prescription drugs and smart phones were a fantasy until they were discovered and known, and then they were ordinary

  • How modern Western medical practices and ancient Eastern healing techniques and knowledge fit together

  • The profoundly transformative results that Dr. B has seen after people earnestly practice the methodologies they teach at Energy for Success

  • The ability to achieve anything we want is already inside of us, whether that’s personal achievement or physical healing

  • Why Dr. B chooses to empower others to be their own teacher, guru, and healer

  • Everyone can experience the miracle of life, at every moment

  • The Matrix has always tried to trick us into thinking that the world is too complicated and we’ve all been destined to be overworked and overwhelmed

  • Learning how to heal from trauma through energy work

  • Can we overcome external challenges to our health, especially in the big city?

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