Kundalini Rising: Luke Live At Rama Venice (Bootleg Broadcast) #209

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Identifying the thoughts and behaviors that block us from the life we crave and deserve

  • Using intention to overcome the resentment, fear, or shame that’s blocking you from experiencing love

  • The quantum physics of perception, reality, and spirituality

  • Stillness: the rare but valuable experience of sitting with presence

  • The erroneous belief that our body = our self

  • You don’t need to take your animal self so seriously – and you also don’t need to fight with it

  • Suffering in the self-created delusion that life is out to get you

  • How far we can go in one human lifetime, with the right tools

  • Trying to change our experience using the wrong power source

  • The many, many different paths to spiritual growth

  • The freeing experience that there’s something greater

  • It’s brave to access emotion

  • There’s transformation in applying universal truths

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