Behind The Curtain Of An Open Relationship With Aubrey Marcus & Whitney Miller #211

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Creating your most optimal relationship

  • Consciously choosing real life instead of a fairy tail

  • Transactional intimacy

  • The importance of (or historical lack thereof) female pleasure

  • What you probably don’t know about the female clirotis (even if you are female)

  • Educating people on pleasure

  • How being in an open relationship helped Aubrey and Whitney grow, as individuals

  • Women being taught to compete with other women

  • The important conversations that trigger a lot of us

  • What it’s like to transition into an open relationship

  • Rooting for your partner’s happiness

  • It IS possible to deeply and intimately love more than one person at the same time

  • It’s normal to “catch feelings”

  • Expressing the most radical truth that is inside of you

  • The biggest gift you can give is being fully present

  • Finding the root of jealous & other negative emotions

  • The most delicate, sensitive thing you can do is be honest

  • How plant medicine and MDMA have helped Aubrey and Whitney heal their individual traumas

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