Next Level Human Optimization: Psychedelics & Life Mastery W/ Kyle Kingsbury #217

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Kyle’s recent plant medicine experiences

  • Returning to stillness to find peace

  • Using hindsight as foresight

  • Anxiety is time wasted

  • We always have a choice over how we experience life

  • What the heck Penis Envy Mushrooms are

  • Using plant medicine with reverence and intention

  • Not all mushrooms are created equal

  • When Kyle took a heroic dose of mushrooms with his dad

  • How adding MDMA to a mushroom cocktail can add to the experience

  • Why MDMA will probably be legal for therapy in just a matter of months & the transformative healing effects it can have

  • Nicotine is the greatest nootropic on Earth

  • My one experience with MDMA (that ended with a high-speed chase)

  • Hunting for your meat – because life takes life

  • What Kyle learned about life and himself from his most recent hunting experience

  • Why it benefits to understand the paleolithic evolution of humankind

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