Sober Curious: Becoming Spiritual Without The Spirits #218

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • We’re not taught to question our drinking until it becomes problematic – but why?

  • Why are we willing to accept the hangover as the price for a good night out?

  • Creating an environment and culture around drinking where everybody feels that it is safe and okay to ask questions and define their own relationship with alcohol

  • The nature of alcohol

  • Our brain’s hardwired “desire function”

  • Why it’s actually difficult to maintain a neutral relationship with alcohol in our current society

  • Addiction as the way our bodies try to process trauma

  • Feeling like an imposter in AA

  • Cultural conditioning around what’s okay and what’s not okay with certain drugs

  • Making it as normal not to drink as it is to drink

  • Alcohol’s position as a rite of passage into adulthood and the assumptions that come with it

  • Anti-anxiety medication is essentially alcohol in a pill

  • Unacknowledged spiritual and physical trauma

  • How plant medicines can help us mend our trauma and change our relationship with addiction

  • Why alcohol was originally called “spirits”

  • Giving yourself a month-long break from alcohol to examine how it makes you feel and engage in self-examination

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