Kava Culture: Nature's Xanax And Your Nervous System Solution W/ Cameron George #219

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • The root of Cameron’s sudden autoimmune and chronic illness

  • Cameron’s proclivity to becoming addicted

  • Why Cameron ended up going on random buying sprees, including buying exotic animals in an effort to pursue his lifelong dream to recreate Ace Ventura Animal Detective

  • Taking a drug – even a prescription drug – is a huge and potentially life-altering decision

  • Everything Cameron tried that didn’t work

  • The 3000-year history of kava use in Vanuatu

  • Why scientists are studying what happens when you give kava to people with cancer or metabolic disorders

  • A huge misconception about kava that has been perpetuated by the pharmaceutical industry

  • “Daily drinking” kava, or noble kava strains

  • The improved method of kava extraction that Cameron helped create so that they could produce full spectrum kava products

  • The need for more perspective in today’s world

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