Sleep Special: Hardcore Hibernation & Biohacking The Bedroom W/ Todd Youngblood #222

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • The history of sleep technology, including the unfortunate detour into water beds

  • Creating a recipe for your best self

  • You could change just about everything about a bed... except the temperature

  • Breaking the bad habits of the sleep industry, like sleeping pills

  • If your body temperature doesn’t drop, you can’t fall asleep

  • How foam beds are affecting your sleep

  • The evolutionary aspects of sleep

  • How lowering the temperature of your bed improves intimacy

  • Lulling your body into a semi-hibernative state

  • Making it easier for two people to sleep in the same bed, without compromising

  • How electric blankets can take years off of your life

  • Quantifying what improves our sleep

  • How the app lets you customize exactly what you want your sleep experience to be like with the chiliPAD

  • Making your bed a healthy, holistic recovery space

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