Sleep Or Die: Becoming The Best At Hardcore Rest With Harpreet Singh Rai #172


  • Sleep: the ultimate magic pill

  • The insane benefits of wearing an Oura ring

  • How Harpreet’s Indian family ended up in Minnesota

  • When young Harpreet sold his soul to the devil (on Wall Street)

  • Gaining a pound a day in the city that never sleeps

  • Dr. Luke’s discovery of his family’s ancient roots in “the asshole of Finland”

  • How to become the best version of yourself

  • Lose weight in your sleep!

  • Sleep as a weapon to fight Alzheimer’s, cancer, and cardiovascular disease

  • Your brain is smarter than you think

  • Meditate right before bed to get far better sleep

  • Utilize sleep to repair your muscles and improve your performance

  • Athletes: if you get less than 6 hours of sleep, your risk of injury goes up by 50%!

  • Employers are finally recognizing the value of their workers getting enough sleep

  • Blue light blocking glasses: one of the easiest hacks to get better sleep

  • You don’t have to eliminate late-night alcohol; just drink earlier in the day

  • Oura rings can help women track fertility and help couples trying to conceive

  • The plus of the Oura ring’s location: you can still rock your nice watch

  • Heart rate variability: a leading indicator for stress, diabetes, Lupus, heart attacks, strokes. Oura tracks this.

  • Coming soon for Oura rings: Meditation Mode and Activity Tracker

  • Worldwide, people spend over $40 billion per year on sleep products

  • The average person spends 24 years of their life sleeping; make yours count!

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