Breaking Free Of Negative Patterns With The Hoffman Process, Feat. Tim Laurence #126

  • How Tim first got involved in the Hoffman Process?
  • Who was Bob Hoffman, and how did he come up with this stuff?
  • The Quadinitry concept, and why it’s the key to unlocking our potential 
  • The Hoffman cycle of transformation: awareness, expression, compassion, forgiveness to generate new behaviors and deep inner change
  • The importance of taking responsibility and establish healthy boundaries 
  • How we take on negative patterns and more importantly, how we break them 
  • What are some of the typical family roles that we take on, and how do they shape our lives as adults
  • The stories we carry about our parents that may not be true and causes to be stuck
  • How can we live from our more authentic, spiritual self?
  • The phenomenon of transference, and how it hurts relationships 
  • The role that surrender has in the Hoffman Process, and how does it differ from submission and compliance and just giving up
  • How the Process approaches addictions 
  • Does positive visualization actually work? And is it possible to break passed the subconscious limitations we impose upon ourselves by doing it 
  • What effects that being a facilitator had on him 
  • What are some tools that he personally uses when anxiety and pain comes up 
  • Lifestyle recommendations   

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