The Top Secrets To Longevity & Living The Best Life Ever With David Wolfe #128

  • Fresh bio-dynamic vanilla beans, and the iconography pattern that is created when Cacao and Vanilla are grown together
  • What is the Longevity Now Conference, and why it’s so hip
  • His background skills with marketing, public speaking, and how he developed his massive success
  • The power of social media to broadcast your message
  • How the teachings of Rudolf Steiner and biodynamic farming revolutionized his world
  • His sleep regimen, and how he spends his early waking hours
  • The unlimited university of information we have access to
  • Stem cell treatments explained, David’s experience, his mom’s instant improvement from arthritis, and my own recent treatment
  • The miracle healing of urine injections
  • The effectiveness of alternative cancer healing centers centers in Mexico
  • His history of traveling around the country, and the miracles he’s seen
  • Conspiracies that are not theories like the 911 pentagon story, and the indoctrination & deceptions we are sold by those in charge of protecting us
  • How truth and hope always wins
  • David’s new book The Beauty Diet
  • EMFs and whether grounding and earthing tech are legit
  • The best ways to limit blue light exposure
  • How health and wellness trends have changed over the years
  • Lifestyle recommendations

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