The Water Wars Trilogy, Part Three: Unlocking The Mysteries Of Nature’s Greatest Gift w/ Mukhunde #131

  • The meaning behind his name, and his first experience with spring water
  • How Mukhande took his love of water and turned it into a thriving, and unique business
  • How most spring waters on the market are processed, and what that means
  • The story behind his first water collection as a business
  • His journey in procuring water rights
  • Why he believes real spring water is the superior choice for personal and environmental well-being
  • His business model, the challenges and cost of growing the business
  • The reason behind why most water available to us is processed
  • The mainstream effort to discourage our autonomy
  • The unfair and erroneous media attacks that have been directed at Mukhunde personally
  • Best resource to locate springs in U.S.
  • The new delivery locations for the LA area, and his goals for expanding nationally
  • Lifestyle recommendations

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