The Water Wars Trilogy, Part Two: Unlocking The Mysteries Of Nature’s Greatest Gift w/ Seth Leaf Pruzansky #130

  • How Seth got into spring water, and went on to start his own company 
  • What is TDS and why a water lower in minerals is a better option 
  • How the geographic location and the type of rock spring comes from determines the overall quality of that water 
  • The difference between surface water and ground water 
  • Why it’s important to lab test the water in some cases to make sure it’s safe 
  • Primary water, and why it’s the most absolutely pure water on the planet 
  • The fact that the Earth actually makes water
  • The pros & cons of tap, filtered and bottled water
  • The environmental destruction from corporations, and how it will take conscious entrepreneurship from small businesses to change the course
  • The challenges his company faced with regulations to bring unprocessed water to market
  • How the water industry affects the environment: the good, the bad and the ugly 
  • How Seth discovered how to make non toxic plastic bottles for his company Tourmaline Spring 
  • How you tell a specific spring is safe 
  • Why the media has recently attacked the spring water industry 
  • How there’s no such thing as free water
  • Lifestyle recommendations 

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