Own The Day: Total Human Optimization With Aubrey Marcus #132


  • What motivated him to take on the commitment of personal growth and development in the first place
  • How he funded his company Onnit, and the broad philosophy around it 
  • Why creating a movement is more important than creating a business 
  • What is his morning routine and how he generates the power to achieve greatness in life 
  • Rebounding and why he’s made that a part of his daily practice  
  • Why he recommends a high fat, high fiber, low sugar diet 
  • How fat is needed for proper hormone production 
  • The top 5 foods to avoid, and how to find the hidden toxins in your diet 
  • Walking the fine line between keeping a clean diet and being a control freak 
  • How he creates a zen productivity station in his office, and his surprising secret weapon 
  • The importance of proper office posture 
  • The secret to creating a healthy company culture at Onnit, and how that supports their bottom line
  • Why he personally does the firing as CEO rather than outsourcing it 
  • Onnit’s hiring philosophy
  • How he manages productivity and dealing with overwhelm
  • The importance of sex and creating a healthy lifestyle 
  • The downside of pornography, and the benefit of making your own 
  • Why he feels naps are crucial to our sleep schedule 
  • The power of human connections, and which one of those connections connections is most important 
  • What he’s learned from his 17 Ayahuasca journeys, and the risk and the benefits involved in that practice 
  • How to avoid fake jungle shamans 
  • The story of the time he OD’d on Kambo frog poison 
  • Lifestyle recommendations 

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