You Are Your Own Guru: Meditation For The Masses With Light Watkins #139


  • Urban escape room & evasion course
  • How to succeed in meditation (without really trying)
  • Changing the conversation around meditation
  • Why Light’s book is accessible for the everyman & experienced practitioners
  • Reframing writing as a practice
  • Dealing with criticism (& laughing at negative reviews on Yelp)
  • How Light (a young man from Alabama) first got into meditation in the 90s
  • Experiencing Light’s first “meditation orgasm”
  • Thom Knoles, a maharishi (or pre-eminent master-teacher) of Vedic Meditation
  • Why meditation is only effective when it’s a daily practice
  • Becoming a good teacher (“You don’t have to beat Michael Jordan to coach him to a championship.”)
  • Training in India
  • Listening to our intuitive voice
  • Your energetic economy
  • Having many choices VS knowing the right choice (for you)
  • The early, rocky stages of a meditation practice
  • Stress relief & meditation
  • Fun fact: we all have the same number of thoughts
  • Appreciating beauty
  • Calming the fight or flight reaction
  • Why Light keeps his services accessible and affordable
  • How Light prays

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