East By West: Ayurveda Meets Paleo Conscious Cuisine w/ Jasmine Hemsley #140


  • Becoming more conscious about food
  • Growing up with a Filipino mother & English father
  • Creating a healthy family bond around food
  • Coming up with SO MANY amazing recipes
  • Utilitarian eating VS being a foodie
  • The creative process
  • Combining the Paleo-Primal way of eating with the Ayurvedic diet
  • Gut health
  • Cooking tasty meals that include organ meat
  • Why some people need animal protein in their diet
  • Appreciating your food
  • Where hunger begins & cravings end
  • Emotional eating
  • Sound bathing & the effects of sound on your blood
  • Marrying East + West
  • The nutritional difference between some cold & hot foods
  • Meat as medicine
  • The science of living
  • Simultaneous & incredible inventions throughout history (How did different civilizations build pyramids at the same time, without contact?!)
  • Vedic architecture
  • The proper pace for eating (“There are no teeth in your tummy”)
  • Food combining; it’s better to have good digestions and a bad diet than it is to have bad digestion and a good diet

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