EpiEnergetics: The Miraculous Healing Powers of Donny Epstein #138


  • Everything in reality is a function of a binary code of energy and information
  • The magic of manifestation
  • What EpiEnergetics means
  • Experiencing reality differently (and then getting drugged)
  • Working across the street from Ken Wilber
  • Benefitting from the different levels of consciousness
  • Spirituality & experiencing the divine as a reward for adding value to others
  • The lack of spirituality in (some) religious structures
  • Accessing intelligence
  • Spiritual escapism
  • The “Network” - a spine-based, life-enhancing natural healing method
  • The relationship between emotional intelligence & physiology
  • Why ‘immune system’ is an antiquated term
  • The purpose of an emotion
  • Developing children into thinkers
  • ‘Having cancer’ VS ‘cancering’
  • Moving from the lower mind to the upper mind
  • Your thoughts & your nature
  • Addiction, reward, pain, & certainty
  • Transpersonal vigilance (watch Donny discuss it more here)
  • The purpose of soul
  • Taking care of those who’ve lost their way
  • Expanding the model of healing
  • The difference between a psychotic and a genius

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