This Is Your Brain On Biohacking: Shortcuts To Genius With Chris Keane #145


  • Seeing the differences in your own brain over an extended period of time biohacking
  • Being healthier than we were 20 years ago
  • The potential for stem cell therapy
  • A simple, comprehensive overview of Neurofeedback
  • How trauma (of any kind) creates junk data in your brain & how Neurofeedback cleans it up
  • Getting into a flow state, and what it can do for your creativity
  • How Neurofeedback training reversed the negative impact that racing motorcycles (and occasionally crashing) had on Chris’ brain
  • Chris’ mission to stop junk light
  • How Chris uses TrueDark glasses and a watch to hack his biology & minimize jet lag after long flights
  • Chris’ mission to stop toxic junk light, and why it’s the #1 risk to our health

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