Longevity Now All-Stars: Epic Tales From The Cutting Edge Seven Health Masters Mashup #147

Being pushed to the edge by Truth Calkins
The free & easy health trend that Zen is so excited about
How David Wolf & Daniel Vitalis have changed Zen’s life since attended his first Longevity Now conference 14 years ago
The hidden code of languages
Why grounding yourself is so magical
Putting the “mother” in Mother Nature
The profound experience of daily meditation
Being bamboozled by modern medicine
Treating yourself with self-love – the most important thing – even when it’s hard

How ayahuasca helped Sabrina realign after she was STRUCK BY LIGHTNING (no joke)
Overdosing on niacin & becoming a human monster
Why a 3-day juice cleanse isn’t going to flush your system (& why you really need to go in to do the cleaning)
One toxin that you should be avoiding… but that you probably put in your body every day
The difficulty of overcoming overstimulation (especially with a marketer’s mindset)
Navigating trauma using crystals & yoni eggs
Why the things that are the grossest are often the things that you actually need
All the words we use for God
Cutting through religious stigma while still honoring where you’ve been
How the divine feminine is holding space for the divine masculine
Why the future isn’t male or female – it’s all-inclusive
A spiritual surgery & 8-hour meditation with John of God
Replenishing your light body
Matching your vibration to your desires
Why anything can be meditation
Getting past the need to take care of everyone else before you take care of yourself
Watching the blind be healed by John of God
Embracing shadow work
How Roger Waters changed Sabrina’s life
Honoring the journey & trusting the process

How Luke talked people like Scott into being his first few guests on this show at Longevity Now two years ago
Why “natural” is a myth
Prash, the good-for-everybody paste (including Luke’s live first impressions after eating 12 servings in one sitting)
Creating a little apothecary in your own home
When you put positivity & positive things into your body, it shines out through your eyes, skin, and hair
Learning from incredible mentors like David Crow, David Wolf, & Ron Teeguarden
Why it’s critically important to find people who are part of a lineage & learn from them
Deprogramming yourself by listening when other people speak the truth
What Scott has learned from 10+ years of Longevity Now
Why service & work are the best exercise
The full lowdown on what it’s like to make a pilgrimage to John of God (João de Deus) in Brazil
Having a “multidimensional experience of your own body”
The amazing things your body can do when you harmonize to the wavelength of music

Why the physical structure of the body is mind bogglingly incredible
The sense that you didn’t even know you had: Interoception
Feeling the deep & innate senses of your inner body
Why more doing does NOT equal more results – you need a balance between doing & being
What it’s like to overdose on sugar
The 3 dietary toxins that you should be avoiding
One health trend we can’t believe got so crazy popular
The epidemic of harsh blue light
Working to overcome varicose veins
Why we all just want to be in a little cuddle puddle
The grossest health food that Aaron’s ever eaten
Why Aaron doesn’t like to apply language to a concept like ‘God’
Being wordless with God
Getting started with meditation & “doing it right”
Creating a spiritual practice centered around gratitude
Hot yoga & men in diapers
Overcoming our worst personality flaws
Curing “incurable” diseases
Aaron’s top 5 desert island albums
The absolutely crazy thing that Aaron has done to be healthy
An extremely simple (but vitally important) spiritual principle that everyone should implement in their life

Why the demonization of fruit drives Sahara crazy
Keto works for a very small percentage of the population… and the kinda shady reason it’s become such a phenomenon
Why we constantly need to remind ourselves to get out of the hustle & into nature sometimes
The ol’ ghee in the ass trick
How the universe truly encompasses our planet and ourselves
What you can do to differentiate between a hardship and a sign
How you can see energy with your own eyes in a Balinese water temple
Sahara’s tips for unseated, dancing meditation
How to be spiritual without being a hippy or naive
Music’s uncanny ability to help people with Alzheimer's
When life pokes, pushes, and punches you onto the right path

Being a shroom dealer #ONSHROOMS
Taking waaaaaay too much yohimbe (and having three days of heart palpitations)
How good oils turn into bad oils
Sleeping on a bed of nails
Why Tero’s word for God is “The Big Electron”
Seeing a dead person, saving a person’s life, & morphine
How to meditate through pain & moving your body
Drinking a shot glass of your own piss every morning

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