The War Is Over: Making Peace With Your Mind with Byron Katie #142


  • How Luke found Katie (after being dragged there by his father)
  • When Katie hit rock bottom
  • How a chance run-in with a cockroach completely changed Katie’s (and Luke’s) life
  • Coming to terms with the fact that the world is a projected image of our thoughts
  • Our motivation to ease the world’s suffering
  • Katie gets labeled enlightened – but she says, “I’m just someone who knows the difference between what hurts and what doesn’t.”
  • Everything in life is awesome… if you choose to frame it that way with your thinking
  • Sparing ourselves from the desire for approval
  • Our futile attempts to argue with reality… and why we always lose
  • The irony of struggling to win love and approval
  • Why it’s called “The Work”
  • Luke gets completely raw & vulnerable about some resentment he’s working through right now, going through the 4 questions & turnarounds of The Work to show you how the magic happens
  • The life-changing work done at Katie’s Turnaround House
  • A Mind At Home With Itself, Katie’s commentary on the Diamond Sutra, one of the great spiritual texts of the world

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