Hard To Swallow: The Toxic Truth About Wheat & Gluten With Dr. William Davis #149


  • How a family member’s death led Dr. Davis to start investigating wheat and gluten
  • Why cholesterol testing is like a “beat up old ‘57 Chevy with rust up and down the sides and flat tires” – that is, outdated and virtually useless
  • The insane profit in medical misinformation
  • Why modern “Frankenwheat” is even more harmful than the grains of yore
  • What humans should be eating to fuel their body
  • The lies we’ve been told about animal fats
  • How indifference to people’s health (and love of money) has corrupted healthcare, and why the REAL solutions to our health will come from real people like us, not the healthcare system
  • Why just two slices of whole wheat bread is worse for you than six teaspoons of table sugar
  • How our reliance on grains has inadvertently created a nation of addiction – and how BIG PHARMA is taking advantage of that fact
  • Why many “gluten-free” foods are actually worse for you (and the gluten alternatives that are healthy)
  • What happens chemically in your body when you eat grains and gluten
  • The difference between A1 and A2 dairy
  • Why no society in human history has ever thrived on (or sustained) a vegan diet

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