Speed Healing: Turbocharged Bodywork With Rapid Release #150


  • How Dr. Stanbridge helped develop the original lightstim for pain almost two decades ago
  • What vibration therapy is & how it can help relieve pain
  • Creating the first generation of Rapid Release Technology in a garage
  • What actually causes you to feel aches and pains in your body
  • How we store emotional, mental, and spiritual trauma in our bodies
  • Why we can’t really heal ourselves if we focus too much on just the physical or mental
  • The insane number of people who have some kind of muscular or skeletal pain
  • Giving your body the opportunity to heal itself
  • The 3 things your muscles need to function
  • How Dr. Stanbridge discovered this harmonious, healing frequency
  • Why anyone can figure out how to use these magic little wands, even without extensive training
  • How some deep tissue work actually causes injury and hurts the body long term
  • How you can find a practitioner that uses Rapid Release near you
  • Why Debbie uses the Rapid Release for her own self-care – and how you can too!
  • The mind-blowing relationship between music, voice, and vibrational healing

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